Gio is PED Free-o!

Posted February 22, 2013

Earlier this year, Washington’s All-Star pitcher and Cy Young candidate Gio Gonzalez was named in a report on the Biogenesis Clinic run by Anthony Bosch, and the looming threat of losing Gio to a suspension put a pretty sizable scare into Nationals fans everywhere. Fortunately, it turns out that unlike the others mentioned in the report, Gonzalez never actually received performance enhancing drugs from the clinic.

Now, say it with me: HELL YEAH!

The Nationals could certainly have survived without Gio in the rotation, but that’s not exactly a prospect many fans, and we can assume the front office and his teammates, were looking forward to testing. Dan Haren could have simply been bumped up in the rotation a notch and the Nats likely would not have missed much of a beat. Of course now with Gio free and clear of these allegations, it just ensures the starting rotation will be absolutely loaded all year-long. Strasburg. Gio. Zimmermann. Haren. Detwiler. That’s just nasty.

Gio is so far the lone person to have been cleared in this matter, albeit by anonymous sources. Gio does indeed have connections to the clinic, but multiple sources have stated that he never did receive any PEDs. He spent $1000 at the clinic for several items that are not on Major League Baseball’s banned substance list.

So with that, a sense of relief is settling in over the Nationals fanbase. Maybe this is the season the entire roster stays together, injury and, in this particular instance, scandal free.

Jeff Kelly
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