Nationals as Dino Riders!

Posted February 13, 2013

This is perhaps the greatest fan made Photoshop mash-up ever, combining the Washington Nationals with the 80’s television show, Dino Riders. This fabulous work of art comes from the creative mind of Tumblr and Twitter user,¬†Allan Petersen (@ambp77). It was actually created for Game 5 of the Playoffs last fall, but probably didn’t receive too much attention at the time due to the horrible outcome of that game. However with Spring Training starting, it’s time to start anew and get pumped up for the season. No image accomplishes that task better than this piece of brilliance. (click for full version)


This is just one of many awesome Photoshop creations on @ambp77‘s site, which has definitely found it’s way onto our bookmark list.

Philip Van der Vossen
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